Cloudmattr- Automate Your Marketing Campaigns



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Your Campaigns, Knowledge Bases, And Roadmap In One Powerful SaaS Tool. Cloudmattr is the perfect tool to collect, track and organize all your customer requests, roadmaps, and documentations to boost your business growth!

With Cloudmattr’s behavior-driven campaigns, you can segment and onboard your users and guide them during activation for increased conversions. What’s best is that you can send automated but personalized messages to users at the right time to increase your conversion rate.


  • Automated campaigns based on customer behavior and attribute to automate the user journey.
  • Boards+Roadmaps feature to easily collect and prioritize customer feedback.
  • Easy to create and manage knowledge bases to ensure your users can easily onboard and adopt your product.
  • Easy-to-publish changelogs to keep your customers and team up to date with any changes.



With the use of public and private boards, feedback from users can be collected easily. With Cloudmattr, you also have the power to prioritize feedback using a product roadmap for better product developmen.

Knowledge Base

With Cloudmattr, you can easily create and manage Knowledge Bases to ensure that your users can easily adopt and manage your products. It is a perfect tool for both your customers and employees.

Email Automation

Cloudmattr has an email automation feature wherein you can create timely, personalized, and hyper-relevant emails using liquid templates to increase conversions.

Centralize your marketing campaigns with Cloudmattr. Build the product your users want and improve customer engagement!


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