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Why should you try Web Technologies?

Have you got some skills but not able to get work? Do you want to work remotely? Or want to be a freelancer? Want to become an entrepreneur? Then you must know about Web Technologies if you do not know how much potential it has. Why must you learn and try Web technologies? We come

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Beware of Fake Opportunities / Back door jobs

Thumb Rule # 1: DON’T BELIEVE IN ANYONE WHO ASKS YOU TO PAY MONEY FOR OFFERING A JOB. Companies don’t need to take any money from you. They might tell you hundreds of stories like they are taking money as a ‘Security Deposit’ or for ‘Infrastructure’ purpose. Don’t trust them. If they don’t have enough money

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How to improve your skills and grow your professional network?

How to improve your skills and grow your professional network at the same time in a proper way. When you have been searching for job, you have to update your skills and knowledge outside i.e. to be get updated with the real world outside. As the world acquiring so many in fraction of seconds, so preparing for

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Job Priority for Freshers

When multiple offers are available, it is good headache to decide which one is to be accepted. Check out the below table to briefly understand what it gives. Company Work Priority Description Big Related 1 You will get working knowledge and corporate experience Small Related 2 You will get the good working experience and knowledge

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How to find relevant job by using search engines

We use search engines to find the theaters in which a particular movie is running, to get details about a person, to download music, to find addresses etc.  but not for finding a right job which is more important than all others above. And we have been using conventional ways to search jobs i.e. checking in job portals like Naukri, Monster,

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How to face an interview – for Freshers (New graduates)

Here we will discuss the interview process of Software companies (big MNCs to Small startups) i.e. how many rounds of interviews will be there, what they expect from the candidate, how they shortlist the candidates, which skills they look for in every round and how freshers should act as per the round etc. First let us take

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