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21 Days Lockdown challenge

COVID19 aka Corona virus is everywhere in ears, mind, sleep if not in the air. That is because our minds are blank and pretty much occupied with those horrifying news.Leaving aside the reason, stats, conspiracy stories against china (China’s conspiracies against the world), there is plenty of other things we can do to our self

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#StartUP vs #MNC : Where should you work?

Do you have job offer from a StartUp? or do you think working at MNC is better for career? Are you dilemma choosing between StartUp job and MNC career? Then this is for you. We all have lot of questions in mind, especially when we are thinking starting career at startup. The above infographic represents


How to create amazing job Profile?

You’re actively looking for a job, updated profile in job search portals, uploaded resume and keep applying for jobs. You still keep doing the same for weeks but no progress seen or getting irrelevant job interview calls. I know how much frustrating it will be. Let’s  discuss how to break into recruiter’s attention with your


Why should you try Web Technologies?

Have you got some skills but not able to get work? Do you want to work remotely? Or want to be a freelancer? Want to become an entrepreneur? Then you must know about Web Technologies if you do not know how much potential it has. Why must you learn and try Web technologies? We come

Beware of Fake Opportunities / Back door jobs

One of my friend’s friend paid INR 40,000 to a company and joined a job. They closed the company within a month. It happened with lot of people and it keep happening. How to identify it is fake or not? How to avoid such issues? below we have given some scenarios and understanding to know

How to improve your skills and grow your professional network?

How to improve your skills and grow your professional network at the same time in a proper way. When you have been searching for job, you have to update your skills and knowledge outside i.e. to be get updated with the real world outside. As the world acquiring so many in fraction of seconds, so preparing for

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