TabExtend – Manage browser tabs, notes, alerts



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Bring order to your browser tab-chaos with tabExtend. Effortlessly handle tabs, notes, and to-dos inside your favorite browser. Organize it all visually and boost your productivity.

Simply drag & drop your tabs into groups, save them into a read-later folder and share your workspaces privately or publicly with others.

With TabExtend, managing your open tabs has never been easier. And this all inside one beautifully designed tool that will make you feel zen inside.


  • Effortlessly handle tabs, notes, and to-dos inside the beautifully designed tabExtend browser extension.
  • Works on the following major browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge & Brave.
  • Share unlimited workspaces and tabs privately or publicly with others.
  • Integrated Kanban-style management of your bookmarks and tabs.


This deal gives lifetime access for Tabextend was available at $59 for 1 user.


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