Malcolm – Digitize recurring tasks

Price: $49

Rating: 10/10

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Malcolm! is a suite of tools that empowers your users to help themselves by transforming recurring tasks into forms and full customer journeys.

While social distancing has slowed down the rate at which people are showering, it hasn’t slowed down the number of customer support interactions online (guess it’s all that free time from not showering).

But manually responding to the same frequently asked questions, digging for articles, and repeating monotonous tasks is a strain on your time and resources.

Wouldn’t it be great to focus on your users and let automation take care of the rest?
Malcolm! is a suite of tools that empowers your users to help themselves by transforming recurring tasks into forms and full customer journeys.

What is Malcolm?

Whether you’re dealing with customers, staff, suppliers, or brokers, Malcolm! makes servicing and interacting with your users a painless process.

Malcolm! transforms your repeated tasks into automated processes to supercharge the experience for anyone you interact with.

You can use workflows with your customers, team or suppliers! Create automated forms to collect new customer details and preferences, manage PTO and other HR requests, organize supplier invoices, and much more!

Set up rules to send a notification when a workflow is complete and integrate it with your other systems so you never miss a beat.

Then, just sit back and relax!

Key Points

  • Create workflows and forms for recurring tasks to boost productivity
  • Alternative to: Intercom, Typeform, and Help Scout
  • Compile, manage, and share articles from your knowledge base
  • Best for: Customer support teams who want to improve the customer experience and streamline recurring processes

Top Features

Malcolm! is a set of easy to use web based tools that help you interact with your users.

  • Unlimited FAQs/articles
  • Unlimited workflows (forms/user journeys) with unlimited completions
  • Unlimited control panel users
  • Internal team review and approval of content
  • Internal team management
  • Full control of branding

How it Works

Let Malcolm! take the strain when you service, interact & engage with your users. Rollover each point to see more.

  • Malcolm! can be used with all types of users: Customers, Staff, Suppliers, Students, Residents, Brokers, Affiliates, Patrons… you name it!
  • Think of “stuff” that takes up your time: answering questions, explaining policies, approaches or how to do something. Emails & phone calls chasing information. Data entry and re-keying information.
  • Using the “MyMalcolm” control panel turn tasks & processes into forms / user journeys and create your frequently asked questions / knowledge base.
  • Choose who gets notified when a task or process is completed and connect Malcolm! to other apps and systems so you can pass through user data automatically.
  • We can offer you a hosted branded site for your users or you can bring Malcolm! into your current site via widgets, plugins and APIs.
  • Monitor all user activity from the MyMalcolm! control panel & dashboard.


The actual price of the Malcolm is 199 Pounds per month for Unlimited FAQS  but now the deal price is 49 for life time.

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