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Autonami is a powerful marketing automation plugin that allows you to automate your marketing workflows.


  • Create WooCommerce abandoned cart campaigns to recover the lost revenue
  • Create post-purchase follow up workflows to educate and upsell customers
  • Setup SMS-based campaigns using Twilio
  • Tag Customers, Add to a list or a sequence, update custom fields and more in your favorite CRM such as ActiveCampaign, Drip & ConvertKit
  • Connect your website to 100’s of other services using Zapier

Autonami Use Cases

Create High-Converting Abandoned Cart Recovery sequence
Autonami allows you to create targetted and well-segmented abandoned cart recovery campaigns.

Set up WooCommerce Follow-Up Emails for Post-Purchase Engagement
Post-purchase or follow-up emails are sent out to engage with your customers after they’ve just bought from you.

Autonami lets you communicate with buyers to strengthen the relationship and lay the ground for the second sale.

Autonami Premium Use Cases

Create irresistible customer Win-Back Campaigns
Win-back campaigns attempt to bring your lapsed/ inactive customers back to your store.

Engage with your subscribers using WooCommerce Subscriptions
You can run campaigns for your paid subscribers using Autonami. You will need to have the WooCommerce Subscriptions official plugin for this.

Keep your affiliates engaged & motivated through AffiliateWP & Autonami
Autonami integrates with AffiliateWP to let you send engagement emails to your affiliates.

Take actions based on the form fields filled out: Integrates with Gravity Forms, WPForms, Elementor Forms, Thrive Leads and Contact Form 7
Autonami seamlessly integrates with popular form builders. So, when a user submits a form, you can take actions in WordPress, WooCommerce, CRMs or Connectors (Slack, Twilio).

Talk to your favourite CRM – Integrates with Active Campaign, ConvertKit and Drip
Autonami integrates with ActiveCampaign, Drip, and ConvertKit and lets you take actions like – add a tag, remove a tag, update custom fields, add to a list and so much more.

Connects to other third party applications you love


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