1break – The Ultimate Live Streaming Platform



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1break - The Ultimate Live Streaming Platform

As you scroll through your different social media channels, you will see how popular live streaming is becoming. Live streaming has the power to reach a wider audience and create brand awareness efficiently.

Introducing 1break – a collaborative live streaming platform that brings you all the streaming features you need and more! So if you are a marketer, a vlogger, a game streamer, or you just want to showcase your talents, keep on reading because this platform was made for you!


  • Experience an easy-to-use and elegant virtual studio.
  • Customizable elements to brand your stream, RTMP & scheduling.
  • Manage all your streams using top-notch event handling features.
  • Organize your social media destinations in one place, stream simultaneously on different platforms with just a few clicks.

An easy-to-use and elegant virtual studio

Say goodbye to hard-to-navigate live streaming platforms! 1break is a power-packed live streaming studio with all the elements needed to produce an interactive session with your audience, anytime, anywhere.

Organized Social Media Destinations

Simply add your social media pages to stream your live events from one place! You also have the option to favorite any destinations that are frequently used to interact with your audience. Save time and energy with 1break!

Top-Notch Event Handling Features & Additional Elements to Brand your Stream

And now, you can manage all your stream events – whether it is hosted by you, you are invited as a guest or one of many participants, organize your activity on a single tab, with 1break.With 1break, customizing your streaming content is easier than ever – with customizable elements including backgrounds, logos, sponsors, captions, chat displays, overlays and more.

Power up your streaming sessions with 1break! Reach a bigger audience in just a few clicks!

With our exclusive lifetime deal, you can access full features of 1break’s industry leading features – for life!


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