Pabbly Connect – powerful Zapier alternative in budget

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Why the automation tool?

Here are few cases of automation.
You run ads on Facebook (lead ads for lead generation) and capture leads in the Lead forms but then you need to manage them in your favorite CRM?

Manual method:

You copy/import/type the data manually from Lead forms to your CRM. You need to spend lot of time on juggling between the two applications.


Whenever the Lead form is submitted, The integration tool will capture the data and send it to your CRM.

Manual method can be fine, when you’re not generating few leads. Business is about growth, so you want to generate more leads, you are wasting lot more time on just copying the data form one source to another.

As Growth hackers say, either you need to automate or outsource the routine work to improve your business. Who want to outsource it when you can achieve that with a tool at a cheaper cost to your business, that is where the Automation chips in.

What is Pabbly Connect?

Pabbly Connect is an automation tool to integrate between applications. It helps you to achieve actions without doing them manually.

Pabbly Connect is developed mainly for Business people, Marketers, or any non-techies. Hence, you can achieve automation without knowing how to code. Even if you’re a developer, you don’t want to code for each and ever integration when it available at your click.

What Pabbly Connect can do for you?

Watch the below videos to understand how it can work for you. The below are just 3 out of infinite possibilities with Pabbly Connect.

How to Integrate Facebook Lead Ads to Gmail and Google Sheets

How to Integrate Pabbly Form Builder to Google Sheets (You will learn Webhook trigger here)

How to Integrate Gravity Forms with Google Sheets (You will learn Webhook trigger here)

Here is the full playlist of Pabbly Connect on their YouTube channel to understand how it works.


  • Unlimited Workflows
  • Formatters
  • Instant Triggers
  • Filters
  • Multi-step Calls
  • Path Routers
  • Unlimited Premium Apps
  • 5 Minute Interval


Pabbly Connect is launched in May 2020. They’ve added a lot of integrations (deep integrations with a lot of triggers and multiple actions) and now they have 400+ integrations within a few months.

Pabbly Connect supports all the popular apps for CRM, Marketing, E-Commerce, Helpdesk, Payments, Web forms, Collaboration, and much more…

They are listening to customers and adding the new integrations rapidly based upon the customer’s demand.

You can check the list of integrated applications here. Some integrations are not updated on their website, they are much busier in adding integrations than showcasing them on the website.

How does it work? How it is different?

Pabbly Connect have multiple types of integrations API and Webhook.

But Pabbly Connect follows the web-hook first approach.
Web-hook first means when you search any application name inside Pabbly Connect, you will find the web-hook URL first to connect with that application.

Web-hooks are instant and give instant data to your workflow for execution and they are the future of integration. 99% of all our triggers are web-hook based.

If you do a quick search on any application inside Pabbly Connect workflow, you will find that we will give you the web-hook URL along with all the instructions to add the web-hook inside the external application.

We will not ask you to connect based on Polling first at all.
If the software is webhook-first, it has to give you the webhook URL when you are trying to integrate any application inside your workflow.

Further, all webhooks are not equal and because we are web-hook first, we built our architecture to parse even the most complex web-hooks too and further give you a simple way to map everything.

We are able to parse web-hooks of different types like:

  • Simple Non-nested web-hooks.
  • Multi-Nested web-hooks.
  • Nested web-hooks with arrays in them.
  • Encrypted web-hooks.
  • Web-hooks that are not JSON.
  • Form Data Web-hooks.
  • XML Web-hooks.

We can read through all different types of data and allow you to simply build your work-flows without you even knowing what everything is all about.
Pabbly is amazing.
The whole core principle is Web-hook first based. It’s not a feature for us that you bring at a later stage. It’s the core that drives our product.

Important Information about Webhook and Pabbly Connect

Webhook management is easy to do with Pabbly Connect. It won’t take more than 20 seconds to integrate your application to Pabbly Connect via Webhooks.
Here is the process:

  • We will give you a unique link.
  • You add that link to your application.
  • Pabbly Connect is ready to accept data from your application right away.

Webhook is used to send data from the remote applications to Pabbly Connect.

If any remote application supports adding webhook that means Pabbly Connect will integrate with them automatically.

We made Pabbly Connect powerful as such it can accept all types of webhooks and can process each and every one of them from any application.

Pricing plans

It is very much cheaper than Zapier. And it comes without any restrictions on features for all plans.

Tasks per month50,00060,00080,000
Price per month$21$25$39
The Advance plan can be stacked upto 9,000,000 tasks per month

What are the tasks? How are they calculated?

Task is an action performed inside Pabbly Connect.
Triggers are not calculated in the tasks. Only the action steps are calculated in the task counts.

For example:
If you send one lead from Facebook Lead Ad to MailChimp. It will be counted as a single task.
If you have a multi-step automation workflow, it will counted depending upon the number of action steps.
For example: If you send one lead from Facebook Lead Ad to MailChimp and than sent the same lead to Google Sheets. It will be counted as 2 tasks.

Team & Company & Funding

Pabbly is a brand managed by Magnet Brains Pvt. Ltd based in India. They’re the owners of InkThemes. They have been in the business from 2009.

This SaaS tool is offered by the Pabbly team which is the same team behind other popular SaaS solutions like Pabbly Subscription billing, Pabbly Form builder (formely known as FormGet), Pabbly Email marketing (formely known as Mailget) and Pabbly Email Verification.

Recently, Pabbly team raised around $460K by selling Lifetime licenses for Pabbly Connect alone.

So there is solid team and best support behind the tools.


How will you support the product?

Our customer support team is available between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM India Time.

The best way to reach them is to send an email at [email protected] They typically reply within a day. For most users, the reply is even faster. Though during the launch period with so many incoming requests, the response may be a bit slow it will get to normal in a few days’ time.

Will my data sync automatically?

Yes, all data will be synced automatically once you set your triggers and actions properly. Automation software work on the principle of set it and forget it and they work round the clock for you automatically.

Does it support multi-step integrations?

Yes, Pabbly Connect supports multi-step integrations.

For example:
When a new payment happens in Stripe or WooCommerce, send the customer details to MailChimp. Then add the same customer email to CRM for followup and lastly get an SMS on your mobile phone once everything is done.

Do you have filters and path routers?

Yes, Pabbly Connect comes with Filters and path routers for advanced automation. You can specify filters on the basis of values that are coming in through triggers and webhooks.

For example: With Filters & Path Routers, you can specify that you want to send a customer who made a purchase of > $1000 to MailChimp Premium List and < $1000 purchase to the MailChimp Normal Users List.


Anyone can become an Automation master with Pabbly Connect. Even, if you need some simple automation then I strongly recommend to go for Pabbly Connect and if you need automation within WordPress I suggest you to check WP Fusion (Lifetime Deal available) and Uncanny Automator Plugin (Lifetime Deal is edning soon).

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