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Startup India Learning Program - PANI.WORK

Here you are, you have an idea or solution for real life issue, or thinking about one, there is an evaluation process of StartUp for the same starting from Idea validation to raising funds.

StartUp India, the initiative by Govt. of India and Invest India has collaborated with UpGrad to provide a free online Entrepreneurship program for helping the budding entrepreneurs.

The free course is very structured taking through the sequence of steps with real world industry insights, examples and assessments. It is very simple learning, which helps to clear your thought process on StartUp. The best part of this course is, we can watch 40+ successful founders sharing their own thoughts directly, which connects us more towards the course.

This course is specifically created for Indian startups, hence it is available in English and Hindi languages, which are spoken by majority of Indian population.

The course covers the below main steps:

    • Idea Validation
      1. Idea/Solution identification and Assessment
    • Legal and Financial basics
      1. Building a legal foundation
      2. Understanding financial basics
      3. Business Planning
    • Pitching and Funding
      1. Fund raising and Valuation
      2. Pitching to investors
    • Marketing and Promotion
      1. Using Facebook medium for business promotion

Please visit the StartUpIndia wesbite for more information and enrolling.

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