Why should you try Web Technologies?


Have you got some skills but not able to get work? Do you want to work remotely? Or want to be a freelancer? Want to become an entrepreneur?

Then you must know about Web Technologies if you do not know how much potential it has.
Why must you learn and try Web technologies?


We come across lots of people learning big ERP systems, Enterprise suites and big analytical tools like Oracle e-business suite, SAP business modules, Tableau analytics or most common programming languages like Java or .Net. There are already lakhs if not crores of people with the same skills and trying to get work. If you join, You are another drop in the ocean.

Instead, why don’t you try Web technologies? Today, Internet, like oxygen, is everywhere. Be it Desktop in the office, tablet in the home or mobile in hands, They are nothing without the internet, especially in the urban areas.

The internet is full of the web and mobile applications. Ever wondered how these things run? Most of them are not programmed using typical languages like Java; they are made using others like PHP, Perl, Python, Swift, JS and so on.Have you ever heard of these ones which run almost the whole of the internet and the web? Probably not.

Learning Path

You can start with much needed basic web technologies

And choose a programming language (from below or any) to go ahead

Get on with Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management Systems powers most of the web, hence this will be a good place to

Web frameworks

Though CMS features satisfies most web requirements, but some requirements can only be achieved through the coding. In that case Frameworks helps to code them in a better way. Web Application Frameworks (WAF) are based on different programming languages,below are to name only some of the most popular.


  1. Learning is simplified – Can learn online even in Mobile
  2. Less competition when compared to Java/.Net – This is the road less traveled
  3. Can work as freelancer or Get remote job – As your work shows off in the Web
  4. Setting up your own business is easy – Investment is very less when compared to others
  5. Future proof – Not like other tools where you have to grab the new tool for food
  6. High chance of getting global Clients.

Job roles

  • Web Developer – PHP, Perl, WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal and much more
  • App Developer – Android, iOS development across devices
  • Content Writer – Website/App content, Article writing, e-mail writing
  • Graphic Designer – Logo, Web Design, Banners, Infographics
  • SEO/SMO/SMM – On-page, off-page
  • Digital Marketing – Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing

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